A must for aching pins and sore legs, support tights work with you to combat gravity and provide support throughout the day. Ideal if you find yourself sitting or standing still for long amounts of time, our collection of support tights are the perfect antidote to weary limbs. The hardest working tights around! Support tights apply pressure at the ankle which gradually gets lighter up the leg to help push blood up towards the heart, for healthy circulation. This is called graduated compression, and the factor level given below denotes the strongest level of compression used. If you’re not sure which level of support you need, we suggest starting with the lightest support and moving up the scale if you feel you need more. Next to each product below you will see the support level indicated (from Light to XX Firm), along with the support factor (from 6 to 21 - also known as mm Hg) shown in brackets. Any compression level higher than 25 requires a medical prescription, but we advise checking with your doctor if opting for a factor above 15. Like the idea of support but crave a little shaping magic? Check our range of control top tights or even anti-cellulite tights.


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